Pilot Entry

Hey guys! It’s Eva!

I decided to start this blog in order to be able to talk through my thoughts and get some input on it. I encourage you to comment just please, I beg, be kind!

Okay this is the stuff about me:

I am 15 years old

I enjoy reading, writing, sleeping, eating, and pretending I don’t exist (I’m very good at this)

I also love cats. I have four and they are so precious omg! I’ll post some pics sometime,

On the outside, I am a stone cold bitch (pardon my french) but I really am just a hippie inside. I love to wear flowers in my hair. I love everyone, even if I don’t act like it. I’m very free thinking; I roll with anything (as long as it doesn’t disrespect others or myself).

I want to be a writer when I’m older but not as a profession. To me, writing is like an escape. Language is one of the most beautiful things the human race has created. Just being able to change someones mood, emotions, and perspective with just a few symbols is my definition of magic. If I did writing as a career, it’d take the beauty out of it and I’ll lose that sense of magic. That would be the worst thing to happen to me.

I might also write/recommend some books or songs every once in a while. I might also post some of my favorite quotes on there. I’ll also write some articles that’d I’d like to discuss.

Okay, I believe that is all there is to know about me.

Make Love, Not War,

Eva C.


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