April 12, 2017

Oh my gosh, it has been a long day and it’s only 11:12.

Yesterday, Mama and I went to GoodWill to find a fedora for my costume for history. GoodWill doesn’t get enough credit. They have amazing stuff. I found this really cute skirt and shirt for my trip in May. My class is going to D.C. and we can’t wear shorts so I opted to skirts. It’s gonna be hot as heck and I am NOT wearing pants. I also found this dress from David’s Bridal for $15!! I checked the website and dresses like that can go for $99 to $200. I love GoodWill but Dollar General will always have my heart.

We have play practice this afternoon after school. It’s a dress rehearsal. My costume consists of: black felt wedge/heels, black pants, black shirt, and a trench coat. I love the trench coat. I feel dangerous lol. I do not want to perform this thing tomorrow. I stutter constantly and forget my lines. I have no idea why that man had the idea to give me the lead. It was a bad decision on his part. Plus, everyone else in that class hates him. I wouldn’t be surprised if gets fired.

At my school, we have a program for little/big sisters and brothers. Each of my classmates get a kindergartener and they are your “little brother/sister”. My “little sister” has left school. I really loved her. Her name was Piper and she was just like me. She was shy, timid, and loved to read. She also really liked me. When I found out, I started crying. I’m really gonna miss her.

I had play practice after school and I had a meltdown half way through it. I couldn’t remember my lines and I was exhausted. When I got home, I went straight to bed.

I hope you had a better day then I did.

Make Love Not War,



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